Cremation Services
Cremation Services
An affordable alternative to a burial.

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Cremation in New Jersey

First thing to know.  In NJ Cremation Services and Funeral Homes are the same, they are all registered as funeral homes.  The different names are used to target specific consumer markets or a business that prefers to target a specific mode of disposition, burial, entombment and cremation.  All physical cremations take place at a cemetery which is licensed to own and operate a crematory.  (one of the three modes of disposition)  Note, there is only one funeral home in Atco, NJ which is grandfathered by law that has a crematory on their property, now they all belong on cemetery property.  Yes, the Funeral Director is needed.  The Funeral Director secures all authorizations, files death certificates, transports the deceased to and from cemetery/crematory, prepares obituaries, embalming, viewings, memorial services and guides the family through their options.

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Sherry DeGraff, Manager N.J. Lic. No. 3921
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